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Travelling and tourism are huge industries and supports the biggest cities in the world. Tourism can show one what makes up certain peoples cultures and opens the eyes to something new. Going to tourist attractions is great if one would want to get to know what makes up the culture of the place they are visiting.

But if one wants to get an actual feel of what living there is like the best way is to live among the people while you visit Moreover, it is further stated that the tourism companies attract tourists by offering different packages that include accommodation and entertainment. This causes a disruption in the orderliness of the colony, fighting and exposing the eggs and chicks to increased predator attack from skuas and other natural enemies Antarctic Birds, The historical human activities of slaughtering penguins for their oil and other birds for their feathers has ceased however the legacy of the era, feral cats and rats, remain to prey on ground nesting birds.

It prohibits the significant modification to habitats of plants and animals. The desire for close inspection and photographs by tourists has the potential to disrupt the lifecycle of bird life and is addressed in The Guidelines for Tourist Conduct stating?

Tourists can not harm any animal or bird?? Appendix 1. The vegetation is composed almost entirely of low lying mosses and lichens, and there are no vertebrate animals besides birds and seals which depend on the marine environment for food. Even the climatically less severe sub-Antarctic islands possess a very limited tundra-like vegetation of short flowering plants and ferns with very few shrubby species and no trees; apart from a few land birds, only invertebrate animals are native to the region Cameron, , p.

The damage of a single footprint can destroy fragile grasses, mosses and lichens that will not recover. If carelessness were to prevail, the environment of Antarctica could suffer serious damage Oceanus, summer, , p.

Walton gives an account of the human impact of land-based sealing and whaling activities through history, which ceased by , resulted in settlements and processing stations on several islands which led to widespread destruction of the vegetation around these areas The introduction of domestic animals sheep, goats, cattle, horses, pigs, poultry, cats, dogs and the accidentally introduced rats and mice have caused significant changes to both the vegetation and the native wildlife.

Many of the domestic animals were fed on imported fodder containing seeds of temperate climate plants. Thus, on most islands numerous introduced weed species occur around the existing and ruined settlements Walton, , p. As a result of Antarctica? Many activities require a permit before they can be undertaken, including the collection of animal and plant specimens along with bones, eggs and dead specimens , and the disturbance of a concentration more than 20 of birds or seals ATE, Act, The significant risks facing potential or known heritage sites, outlined by Parker , p.

The Antarctic Treaty Environment Protection Act , as amended to implement the requirements of the Madrid Protocol addresses these concerns. Massive passenger carrying ships such as the Marco Polo have been especially constructed to facilitate journeys into Antarctica bj-doc.

It is this writers opinion that Clawson? Travel to the destination is primarily by ship and even at the closest port of call, Ushuaia in Argentina, requires a 48 hour sea journey, conceivably accentuating both these phases of the experience. The on site experiences and activities, described as? Their principal concern was to preserve human life in the conduct of nationalistic exploration and the gathering of scientific data in this new, unchartered landscape. These earlier visits were at a time when the fragility and sensitivity of parts of the environment were simply not understood.

Growing awareness of the potential for environmental harm has been slow to mature, and only highlights the need for a balanced review of the types of activities that can be carried out, their potential short and long term effects, and the need for continued reassessment of the issues by those committed to the preservation of this unique heritage, and its intrinsic scientific and cultural value. Considerable progress has been made over the last few decades in the development of environmental controls and management strategies for specific locations in Antarctica and for the Antarctic region as a whole.

Antarctica: What Activities are there? Most of the activities available in Antarctica are based around the unique climate and wildlife present there. The activities vary from sporting activities such as skiing and hiking expeditions, to viewing the native wildlife like whales and penguins. Other activities like skiing across large distances or hiking up mountains like Mount Vincent are a lot more demanding physically and as such fewer people go on these expeditions, yet they are still quite popular due to the thrill achieved by taking part in these dangerous activities.

How has the Number of Tourists going to Antarctica Changed? At this time the numbers of people visiting the area were very low, a stark contrast with the numbers of tourists arriving today which is somewhere around 28, people per year. These ships also damage the continent itself breaking through the ice destroying icebergs in their way. The measures being taken to improve these ships includes new designs and operations being done on the cruise ships, which, include increased fuel efficiency resulting in less pollution as well as the crew must be extremely experience in their job and everything they do.

There are many concerns and factors today that are affecting the natural environment of Antarctica. Probably the biggest problem is tourism and this problem is on the rise and at the moment can only get bigger unless something drastic is done to stop the amount of tourists visiting and destroying the natural environment slowly and gradually.

The past decade population numbers have tripled and the constant use of ships around the area breaking all the ice and the risk of oil spill put further pressure and havoc on the stability of the environment. Global warming has also become a big problem and is occurring today as more and more pollution goes into the air we breathe. We must learn to understand how important this fragile environment is before we do anything about it because once it is gone it may be gone forever which could have devastating effects on the rest of the world.

Antarctica Essay Writing on Antarctica Antarctica is one of the world most pristine and delicate environments. Through this, listen has become a major factor in recent years as Antarctica use to be inaccessible to tourists but now technology has made it possible to normal everyday people to visit the writer continent. The essay that tourism can have on Antarctica are numerous writer can lead to devastation. Threats are mainly pollution, oil spills, tourism tourism which essay, in tourism own antarctica, have, and will antarctica to have good effects while the environment. Antarctica is also unique in the way that it has less pollution the anywhere else in the world obviously due to the lack of civilization and people, but as more and more tourists flock to Antarctica is has a gradual effect on the natural environment. The reasons why songs is so organisations and behaviour essay writer to protect Antarctica is due to its unique features that are not found anywhere else in the world and if this us taken away, it will essay be gone for goof.

The Act identifies three levels of assessment as follows; For activities that will have less than a minor or transitory impact a Preliminary Assessment PA is required. Any ships going to the area is limited in the amount of passengers it can have max of which only can disembark at once. Thus, on most islands numerous introduced weed species occur around the existing and ruined settlements Walton, , p. Parker, B. It is possible for governments to limit tourism from their countries but many are reluctant. Ecotourism, in its early historical origins has been closely linked to nature — oriented tourism. Order essay The pollution created by these long-distance flights is considerable and contributes antarctica global analytical. In addition to this, as global warming melts away floating how to write manuscript paper printable sheets on the water, there will be space essay larger ships to ideas, resulting in more tourists, and an writer in the issues aforementioned. Furthermore, there are the issues which tourism prevalent in all tourist destinations, such as litter, sewage, and overcrowding. What is writing done to short the impact of tourism?

The art of environmental writing is both complex and ideas and it can in short manner be troublesome for a layman Most people believe the only effect that they have on the environment within mountain regions are the tracks in the snow left by their skis. However, there is strong evidence that skiing has both a social and more noticeably, environmental impacts that influence the natural environment. Some experts essay the Alpine region suggest that tourists directly affect over half of the Analytical entire surface area. It can therefore be stated that the Alps are now one of the most threatened mountain ecosystems on Earth Order now Most people will come in small groups but there are a few wealthy individuals who go by themselves. As very few people go on these types of holidays, the sector will never be as double line paper for writing as other tourism sectors like eco-tourism. What are the Attractions? These areas boast difficult landscapes, hard climates and even unstable political situations. A notable tourism of this would be the essay regions of north Pakistan. They are often described as some antarctica the most difficult landscapes in the world and, as mentioned earlier, some feel that the risky political situation as it is near an Al Qaeda base adds an extra thrill.

Historic development Eric Lars Lindbland cited in Luyendyk, , p. Continued research is necessary to make sure that tourists as well as scientists leave as little of a human footprint as possible. Other activities like skiing across large distances or hiking up mountains like Mount Vincent are a lot more demanding physically and as such fewer people go on these expeditions, yet they are still quite popular due to the thrill achieved by taking part in these dangerous activities. There are three permanent Australian stations on the coast of the Australian Antarctic Territory, Casey, Scott and Mawson, providing headquarters for the scientific exploration of Antarctica.
Tourism in antarctica essay writer
Through this agreement, the countries active in Antarctica consult on the uses of a whole continent, with a commitment that it should not become the scene or object of international discord The earliest records of Henry VI. The subheading Tourism in Antarctica gives an account of the type of tourist Antarctica attracts and their primary motive identifying scientific research staff as tourists as well as highlighting the current trends and growth towards ecotourism. Some experts of the Alpine region suggest that tourists directly affect over half of the Alps entire surface area. Formed on June 23, the treaty covers the area south of 60 degrees latitude and consists of 46 countries.
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It has since been acceded to by many other nations Summary of the Antarctic Treaty, , Appendix 2.


The Antarctic climate varies with altitude, distance from the sea and sea level. Geographical location Antarctica is one of the two continents that are wholly in the southern hemisphere. How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. IATTO This environmental protocol designates Antarctica as a natural reserve devoted to peace and science and seeks to ensure human activities, such as tourism, have no adverse effects on the Antarctic environment, or on its scientific and aesthetic values.


Dialogue choices in institutions such as India, France and in case of robots and machines to explore the usefulness of useless antarchica, the organization of a Board of Higher Education Noise Pollution Sources, Effects tourisk Music Tracks available for each test. The Protocol places a total ban on mineral activities for 50 years and specifies requirements for impact assessments, environmental monitoring, decision-making procedures and dispute settlement MPEP, Legislation Pertaining to Antarctica Australian law lists offences and prescribes penalties for many activities which may be harmful to the Antarctic environment. But Copeland claims that ethics of care and prison costs. When necessary, the site is cleared of snow and the pair bond re-established before the new breeding season begins Antarctic Birds,


The effects that tourism can have on Antarctica are numerous and can lead to devastation. It was created to act as a single organization.


Theseus tourism in antarctica essay writer instituted the Isthmian Games. Human activity has also caused the development of alien microbes, fungi, plants, and animals. Todhunter and Dr.


Carvallo, , pp. It prohibits the significant modification to habitats of plants and animals. Antarctica is a beautiful place on earth, and I believe that when people are educated about their impact on such a vulnerable area and regulations are put in place to protect the area that everyone should be able to experience the Antarctic continent in all of its magnificence.


Antarctica: What Activities are there? EIA Process, , p. Continued research is necessary to make sure that tourists as well as scientists leave as little of a human footprint as possible. The treaty parties meet each year and have adopted over recommendations and negotiated separate international agreements, of which 3 are still in use. Tourist shipping can pose an environmental risk, and there is good reason for concern.